32oz Crowler

  • Trap And A Dream

    32 oz Crowler | 7.2% abv

    An 808 blast of hop flavor and aroma! Soft, hazy and juicy AF! Motueka and Mosaic DDH lends beats of mango, pine, berries, stone fruit and zesty lime!


  • Chance Encounters

    32 oz Crowler | 7.0% abv

    Blueberry / Lemonade Gose! Straight blueberry juice with a tangy lemonade backer! We believe in destiny here at Nortons, being in the right place, at the right time…it’s all around us, you just have to have an open mind and look for the signs!


  • Permanent Saturday

    32 oz Crowler | 4.5% abv

    Crisp, clean American Lager, brewed with flaked rice. Everyday is Saturday with this absolute patio crusher!


  • Infamous Butcher

    32 oz Crowler | 11% abv

    A sinister American Imperial Stout, dripping and coursing with dark roasted malt flavor, burnt coffee, dark chocolate and a vinous hop character! Sadistically intense!


  • A Good Amber

    32 oz Crowler | 7% abv

    A classic American style Amber Ale, brimming with toasted caramel and biscuity malt character. Pleasantly hopped with Centennial and Amarillo hops.


  • Milo’s Sparkly Eyes

    32 oz Crowler | 7.7% abv
    Designed and named by our son Ace, and his dog Milo. Here we have a Westcoast Style IPA, with a perfect melding of malt up front, and aggressive schedule of AMARILLO, CITRA AND SIMCOE Hops!

  • Ozone

    32oz Crowler | 7.6% abv
    Softbomb Hazy IPA, DDH w/ Vic Secret and Citra hops! Booming with passionfruit, citrus and super dank pine notes!

  • LuvBug

    32oz Crowler | 6.6% abv
    Hoppy Hefeweizen! Traditional German Hefe, with 100% Mosaic hops!

  • Deez Hops – Eukanot

    32oz Crowler | 5.8% abv

    Our Session IPA with a rotating hop variety! This batch features the unique, intense fruity/citrus lime/apple/papaya/green pepper notes of Eukanot hops! Get to crushin’!

  • Polkadot Princess

    32oz Crowler | 9.6% abv
    Belgian Golden Strong Ale aged on peaches! Bright, sassy, and peachy!