32oz Crowler

  • Milo’s Sparkly Eyes

    32 oz Crowler | 7.7% abv
    Designed and named by our son Ace, and his dog Milo. Here we have a Westcoast Style IPA, with a perfect melding of malt up front, and aggressive schedule of AMARILLO, CITRA AND SIMCOE Hops!

  • Mango Cyborg

    32oz Crowler | 8% abv

    Double IPA featuring DDH additions of ElDorado+Eukanot+Citra! Conditioned on fresh mango and spiced with Tajin seasoning! Bright, sweet mango/chili/lime flavors with a dank hop undertone!

  • This Machine Kills Facists

    32oz Crowler | 12.9% abv

    We have never brewed a thicker Stout! American Imperial Stout, blackhole darkness with insane body and flavors of dark chocolate, heavily roasted coffee, and sweet toffee notes! Proceeds of this beer will go towards a local charity!  (tba)

  • Thirst Trap

    32oz Crowler | 5.7% abv

    Collab with Wichita Brewing Company! Tangerine/Vanilla Bean Hefeweizen! Bright, tangy apricot in the nose and the front end, finished by smooth vanilla!

  • Don’t Drop the Mic

    32oz Crowler | 8.9% abv

    Our collab with the River City Brewing Crew! Pilsner base beer, with malted wheat for added fluffiness. soft water profile, kettle and whirlpool hop additons of Nelson Sauvign and Motueka. fermented hot, on Pinot Grigio grape juice with Norweigian Kviek yeast! Soft, tropical, and complex!

  • Territorial Pissings

    32oz Crowler | 5.8% abv

    German Lager, in the Dortmunder Export style! Pilsner, Vienna and Munich malts add a smooth body, reminecent of a malt liquor, then kissed with German Hallertauer Mittlefrüh hops! Smooth, yet crisp, pairs best with Nirvana’s Nevermind album!

  • Ozone

    32oz Crowler | 7.6% abv
    Softbomb Hazy IPA, DDH w/ Vic Secret and Citra hops! Booming with passionfruit, citrus and super dank pine notes!

  • LuvBug

    32oz Crowler | 6.6% abv
    Hoppy Hefeweizen! Traditional German Hefe, with 100% Mosaic hops!

  • Deez Hops

    32oz Crowler | 5% abv

    Our Session IPA with a rotating hop variety is bangin this go around with healthy DDH additions of Wakatu hops! Floral aroma sits hard on pungent lime notes, in this hazy,oated, session IPA!

  • Don’t Poke the Bear

    32oz Crowler | 8% abv
    Imperial Milk Stout w/chocolate and Tahitian vanilla bean.

  • Polkadot Princess

    32oz Crowler | 9.6% abv
    Belgian Golden Strong Ale aged on peaches! Bright, sassy, and peachy!