32oz Crowler

  • McLovin

    32oz Crowler | 7.4% abv

    Marshmallow IPA! Fluffy aromas of toasted marshmallow, followed by a juicy Sabro and Eukanot double dry hopped combo! Your life is now complete!


  • King Izzo

    32oz Crowler | 8.6% abv

    Black Metal Double IPA! A generous helping of Columbus, Simcoe, and Amarillo hops will pummel you like brass knuckles, the malt flavor and body will keep you begging for more! R.I.P. to our brother Israel, aka-King Izzo!


  • Yule Cat

    32oz Crowler | 7% abv

    Norweigian Raw Ale brewed with spruce tips and blueberries and aged for 1 year in Grace Hill wine barrels! Bright, earthy, fruity blueberry, hints of oak and red wine!


  • Lookin at My Gucci, It’s About That Time

    32oz Crowler | 8% abv

    Double pink guava IPA! We dry hopped this beer to the moon with Styrian Cardinal, Galaxy and Motueka hops, then fermented on an insane amount of pink guava puree! Expect a blast of juicy tropical fruits with a dank finish!


  • I See You’re Also Wearing a Black T-Shirt

    32oz Crowler | 4.7% abv

    A rich, dark, malty Czech lager with a smidge of roast character, but finishes clean af. Czech Saaz hops, and fermented cold with Czech Budejovice Lager strain. Just ask for a Black T-shirt, and come crush some!


  • Gryla

    32oz Crowler | 13% abv

    Hot chocolate / marshmallow Imperial Stout! Thick and viscous, delicious and sinister! Brewed with drinking cocoa, chocolate morsels, vanilla bean paste, and vegan marshmallow fluff! Finish it, or gryla will get you!


  • Milo’s Sparkly Eyes

    32 oz Crowler | 7.7% abv
    Designed and named by our son Ace, and his dog Milo. Here we have a Westcoast Style IPA, with a perfect melding of malt up front, and aggressive schedule of AMARILLO, CITRA AND SIMCOE Hops!

  • Ozone

    32oz Crowler | 7.6% abv
    Softbomb Hazy IPA, DDH w/ Vic Secret and Citra hops! Booming with passionfruit, citrus and super dank pine notes!

  • LuvBug

    32oz Crowler | 6.6% abv
    Hoppy Hefeweizen! Traditional German Hefe, with 100% Mosaic hops!

  • Deez Hops – Kohatu

    32oz Crowler | 5% abv

    Hazy, session IPA that features a rotating hop variety from batch to batch! This batch showcases Kohatu hops from New Zealand! Expect woodsy/resinous notes and tropical fruit!

  • Polkadot Princess

    32oz Crowler | 9.6% abv
    Belgian Golden Strong Ale aged on peaches! Bright, sassy, and peachy!