32oz Crowler

  • Yule Cat

    32 oz Crowler | 7% abv

    Norweigian Raw Ale, fermented on blueberries and spruce tips! Bright, zippy blueberry with underlying earthy/piney notes.

  • Gryla

    32 oz Crowler | 13.5% abv

    Peanut Butter Hot Chocolate Bomb Imperial Thiccboi Stout! Rich,silky smooth peanut butter w/ hot cocoa finish!

  • Lost Summer

    32 oz Crowler | 9% abv

    Tiki Double IPA! DDH, and infused with Falernum syrup (lime zest, ginger, almonds, allspice), pineapple and passion fruit, toasted coconut and vanilla bean! Get swept away in memories of our Lost Summer!!

  • Cashmere Sweater

    32 oz Crowler | 7.7% abv

    Oatmilk IPA featuring Cashmere hops! Additions of flaked oats, malted oats and oatmilk flood your palate with body and silky mouthfeel, while cashmere hops supply a barrage of intense peach, lemon, and lime, with secondary notes of lemongrass and candied coconut!

  • Cryptic Stench

    32 oz Crowler | 9% abv

    Norwegian Double IPA! Cryptically pounded with 7 lbs/bbl worth of citra and simcoe hops, and fermented w/a Norwegian Kviek yeast strain that was isolated from a mixed culture which belonged to Harald Opshaug, a farmhouse brewer in Stranda, Norway. Stanky passionfruit, pine resin, apricot and stone fruit aroma and flavor!

  • Monolith

    32 oz Crowler | 7.8% abv

    Lemon Meringue Pie Imperial Gose! Appearing almost out of nowhere on your palate, tangy meyer lemon up front, followed by sweet graham cracker and vanilla bean, culminating in a carved, laser-like blast of tangy, sweet goodness, programmed for olfactory senses overload!

  • Sho’Nuff

    32 oz Crowler | 5.8% abv
    American Brown Ale that keeps it real! Full, rich body, and a toasty, roasty malt complexity. Layers of specialty malts: chocolate, caramel, special roast, munich and victory malt breathe life into this old school style!

  • Ozone

    32oz Crowler | 7.6% abv
    Softbomb Hazy IPA, DDH w/ Vic Secret and Citra hops! Booming with passionfruit, citrus and super dank pine notes!

  • LuvBug

    32oz Crowler | 6.6% abv
    Hoppy Hefeweizen! Traditional German Hefe, with 100% Mosaic hops!

  • Polkadot Princess

    32oz Crowler | 9.6% abv
    Belgian Golden Strong Ale aged on peaches! Bright, sassy, and peachy!